About Us

We are the Go Gets! Twee, sexy, rock n rolling good time GO GO girls combined with soft, innocent personalities that add an authentic 60s feel to our presence as a dance troupe. We like to mix things up, the old with the new, collaborate with all sorts of creative types yet stay true to our love of the 60s, an era where women started to become more powerful and in control. Established in 2017, we have grown into a sisterhood of passionate dancers and vintage enthusiasts that love to build each other up. Dancing our way around the UK alongside both national and international rock n roll and 60’s inspired garage bands, we love to bring a sense of feel good fun to make everyone smile.

There’s nothing we love more than dancing at live events and are available for live shows, festivals, private parties as well as hen do’s, go go workshops, photoshoots and music videos.

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Sophie is the founder and choreographer of The Go-Gets. Dance has always been a major part of her life ever since she was little, but it wasn’t until she saw Sandy Sarjeant on Ready Steady Go when she really found a dance style that really resonated with her: 60s go go dance was unique, edgy, yet still feminine and filled with energy.

Her love for all things 60s only grew since then, she even had her own 60s go go dance class and supported many bands and performances throughout the years. The Go-Gets is a passion project for her and she is forever grateful for finding Beth, Bethan and Tania to share this passion with!


Betty was drawn to the sixties for a love of the style, music and cinema, but never considered herself a dancer until finding her place in The Go-Gets! Finding the girls was like finding her tribe, and she’s since developed a passion for dance and a complete addiction to the feeling of losing yourself on stage.

Being a part of the group has inspired her endlessly - pushing her to learn to create costumes, take risks, and have confidence in her styling abilities. The support, encouragement, and energy of the group is phenomenal, and, she believes, is proof of the powerful magic that can happen when women create together.

You’ll usually see her making funny faces when she’s dancing (she can’t help it!) and bouncing around backstage because she’s just too excited for what’s going to happen next!



Tania loves the way dance makes her feel - the release of endorphins, flow of energy and the connection it ignites between friends and strangers alike - magic!

She is an artistic soul who designs psychedelic club night posters for the group and feels empowered by her fellow Go-Gets to express her creativity. They inspire her with their diverse talents, joy for life, kind hearts and infectious, beautiful ways of being.

The 60s aesthetic excites Tania like no other. Donning her go go boots and having a groovy time with the girls is what she was born to do! She’s usually the one who can’t stop smiling….


Bethan is the newest member of The Go-Gets and has since grabbed the go go world with both hands. From growing up on the rockabilly scene, she has always had a love for vintage mid-century fashions and the music of the 50’s and 60’s.

Bethan has since spread her wings and found a passion for all things go go, she loves the fun and energy that comes with The Go-Gets and the freedom of being yourself while being caught up in the sounds of singers like Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett and bands such as the Sonics.

You’ll usually catch her singing and shaking her hips to most songs because that’s when she’s at her happiest.

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